22 October, 2018


Strand Finans AB focuses on long-term investments with favourable yield over time. The investment business can be divided into the following two areas; Financial investments and Properties.

Financial investments

Strand Finans trade with electronic instruments such as trading in listed stocks, funds, ETF’s, bonds, derivatives, certificates and currency trading with generally a long-term investment horizon.

Strand Finans mainly invest in listed companies (mid- to large cap) at Nasdaq/OMX and on the International markets where we spot high-yield investment possibilities over time. Standard investment horizon is 3-5 years.


Strand Finans invest in properties and run certain real estate projects. The company mainly acts as a long-term private investor where we see good investment possibilities and favourable market terms over time.
The company invest in a wide range of properties such as investment in flats, houses, rental properties and land.
Strand Finans act as long term investor for investing in rental properties but also engage in short term projects when it comes to investing, renovating and resale.